About the Blockhouse Time Trial

The time trail start is based on a handicap system, with the slowest person starting first. The unofficial cut off time is 30 minutes to the top. This system does require some admin before we start. Everybody get a start index, which is worked out based on the slowest person’s expected time. This varies from week to week, depending on the participants of the night - we use the slowest time of the participants that night as the base. The start index system ensures that all of us get to the top more or less at the same time, allows the time keeper to get to the finish line ahead of everybody else - and helps us to work out the times for the results sheet.In order to make the admin process a easier for the timekeepers, and to make sure that we can start on time (and beat as much of the dark as possible) please assist us with the following

  • arrive a few minutes ahead of the start time

  • 'register' with us - i.e. come to whoever is writing down the names and provide us with your details

  • listen when the start index is announced - and start at that time

  • at the finish, listen to the time which is called out when you cross the 'finish line'

  • before you head back down, ensure the timekeeper has captured a time for you

  • ensure that everybody gets back down the mountain safely

  • leave only footprints

  • have fun out there, it’s a beautiful place to be

About Frank Soll

After being a sports 'nerd' at school and university, Frank became an endurance sport 'junkie'. He competed in Triathlon, Canoeing, Surf ski and Mountain Bike events. His sporting achievements are multiple and very respectable.

Over the years, Frank has been a friend and sports mentor/coach for many who pitched up at 'The Blockhouse'. He always made time to answer questions, provide guidance, good advice and knows how to encourage and support everyone at all levels of sporting ability.

Towards the end of 2008, Frank and his family moved to Australia. And although the blockhouse is officially known as 'Kings Blockhouse', for us it will always be 'Frank’s Blockhouse'.