The King's Blockhouse Time Trial

The route:

From the corner of Chelmsford & Pinoak Road in Vredehoek up to the King's Blockhouse on Devil's Peak

Start time:


Start line:

Corner of Chelmsford & Pinoak Road in Vredehoek

The season:

From early March to late November


A reverse Time trial for Mountain Bikers and Runners

What is the Blockhouse about?

The Blockhouse time trial was started by Frank Soll, and a few of his friends in July 1998. The idea was to 'beat the dark' at least once a week throughout winter. The Blockhouse time trial is held every Tuesday, come wind, rain or sunshine - except during December to March when we take a short break. It is an informal, fun training session for people to train together and meet socially.

The principle of the 'reverse time trial' was conceived to allow fast and slow people to train alongside one another. Everybody can run /ride at their own pace and get the benefit of the training session - the fast ones are not slowed down by the slow ones, and the slow ones know that they are not holding anybody back.

Start times are staggered so that everybody arrives at The Blockhouse finish at more or less at the same time. When it started the dice was aimed at mountain bikers. But as it takes almost the same time (or less) to run the route, Frank encouraged runners to join. This lends an interesting angle to the dice, and many times runners outnumber the riders.

Quote from Frank: ”The Blockhouse is an excellent hill (strength) training and although I would not recommend that you go 'flat out' every week, it is an excellent way to monitor your fitness if you do want to give it all every few weeks.”